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interview skills

”I’m..ocational counsellor and teach pre-employment skills . . . Myers recommended conducting mock interviews with a friend or in front of a mirror to practice your eye contact, posture and other body-language indicators that convey confidence. A short gap to gather your thoughts shows thoughtfulness, assertiveness and self confidence. selection interviewIt will make you feel more self-confident and help to put the other person at ease. How have you arrived where you are today? What are their goals, and how can your skills and experiences help achieve them? Quintessential Careers John E. After the interview, jot down some notes of the questions asked and anywhere that you felt you could have responded better. Don’t get flustered.

Michael Jordaan One of his biggest challenges was finding enough software developers. At the time we had severe shortages in IT, especially for coders in new programming languages like Java, Jordaan, whos now a venture capitalist and is investing in training coders at Project CodeX, which he co-founded, said in an interview from Cape Town. Products like alarm clocks, maps, newspapers, CDs are all becoming apps and it takes coders to produce them. Michael Jordaan Source: First National Bank A dearth of suitably qualified and experienced staff has leftSouth African businesses struggling to fill thousands of posts even though more than a quarter of the workforce is unemployed. The governments latest list of scarce skills runs to 25 pages and includes 37 different kinds of trained workers ranging from engineers, architects and software developers to welders, call-center agentsand sheep shearers. Part of the problem lies with a education system thats had to grapplesince apartheid ended more than two decades ago with simultaneously erasing the legacy of poor standards for the black majority and introducing a curriculum focused on cutting-edge technology, math and science. Educated Workforce While South Africa was found to be the 47th-best place to do business out of 138 countries ranked in the World Economic Forums 2016-17 Global Competitiveness report, its health and primary education system was ranked 123rd, and its tertiary education system 77th. Business executives canvassed by theGeneva-based forum rated South Africas inadequately educated workforce as the third-most problematic factor for doing business in South Africa, after government bureaucracy and restrictive labor regulations. The countrys 26 universities produced 185,375 graduates in 2014, with 5,680 qualifying as engineers and 2,667 as computer scientists, the Department of Higher Education said in its latest Statistics on Post-School Education and Training in South Africa report. Engineers Needed Thats not good enough, according to Koos Bekker, the chairman of Naspers Ltd., Africas largest company by market value. South Africa desperately needs more engineers, he said in an interview in Cape Town. Engineers drive our countrys international competitiveness: fewer engineers, less job creation. Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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